Tesla to open Supercharger station at Fremont factory

Tesla Motors will open a new Supercharger station at its Fremont factory, the 18th in a growing network. The maker of the all-electric Model S sedan is rapidly expanding charging stations, which are free to Model S drivers, along the West Coast and across the country.

The Supercharger station in Fremont will be available for public use beginning Friday, August 16.  I see a fair number of Model S sedans on Interstate 880, so this is likely to be a stop for people doing the Oakland-to-Silicon Valley commute.

Superchargers provide 120 kilowatts of power and replenish three hours of driving in about twenty minutes. One of the most heavily used Supercharger stations is the one in Gilroy, located at the Gilroy Premium Outlets.

A Tesla Motors Supercharging station.




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  • Bill

    Perhaps it is “….Superchargers provide 120 kilowatt-HOURS of ENERGY and replenish 3 hours of driving in about 20 minutes.”

    If you’re going to cover electric vehicles and California energy policy, it would be useful to get straight the difference between power and energy and the difference between kilowatts and kilowatt-hours. As it is, the errors undermine the credibility of the author.