For the record: YouTube founders launch video app MixBit, plus Instagram and Vine news

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen created YouTube, which, despite (or because of?) all the cat videos, set off an Internet video revolution. Now they’re looking to mix things up yet again with another video creation with a capital letter in the middle of its name, today launching an app with key features Instagram and Vine don’t have yet: mixing and editing videos — even those by others.

But MixBit videos are published anonymously, a bit of a curious move in today’s world of selfies and YouTube channels about every niche imaginable. “We wanted to do that to first build a community within MixBit,” Hurley told the New York Times.

MixBit, which for now is available only on iOS but is coming to Android in a few weeks, on its website bills itself as something that can be used by everyday people as well as filmmakers and citizen journalists. It’s the first major launch for Avos Systems, the San Mateo startup Hurley and Chen founded two years ago. The NYT says Google’s venture arm is among its investors.

In other video news, coincidentally, about Instagram and Vine:

Instagram yesterday announced a couple of new features, including this one: Users can now upload videos from their phones’ media library. This means users can share videos no matter when they were taken, which takes the “Insta” out of Instagram. But hey, it will be useful for those of us who have lost oh-so-precious moments after the uploading process ate our videos.

Let’s swing to Vine, the app that lets users record 6-second videos and shows them on a loop. Despite some reports that the introduction of 15-second Instagram videos has slowed the Twitter video app’s growth, Dick Costolo says Vine is “growing just as well as we could have hoped.” In an interview with CNBC, the Twitter CEO didn’t talk specific numbers, but said that for the company, tracking user growth is “front and center.” (Hat tip to CNet.)  Should we take Costolo’s word for it? Wired says Vine is back to being the most popular download outside gaming in Apple’s App Store, and that there’s research that Vine users are more active and “engaged” than users of Instagram video.


Screenshot courtesy of MixBit


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