Daily Show’s John Oliver says he’s heard enough from LinkedIn, thank you.

For commercial online services, there can be a fine line between not enough and too much.

In its quest to deliver more mobile advertising, Facebook recently disclosed that it shows an average of one commercial message for every 20 friend updates in a typical user’s News Feed.  We’ve heard complaints from some users recently about seeing too many ads, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg told analysts last week that the company’s own surveys haven’t found “a meaningful drop in satisfaction” with the user experience.

At LinkedIn, Senior Vice President Deep Nishar recently told us that members find a lot of value in the site’s new Endorsements feature, when asked about some anecdotal complaints from users who feel all the requests and notifications are a bit “spammy.”

But the Daily Show’s John Oliver says he’s heard enough from LinkedIn … (it’s about 28 seconds into this clip)


(Photo credit: Robert Galbraith/Reuters)


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