Quoted: Bid to restrict NSA snooping rejected

“To think that the Congress has substantial oversight of this program is simply incorrect.”

— Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-San Jose, as she argued Wednesday in support of an amendment to a defense bill that would have restricted the National Security Agency’s now-not-so-secret collection of Americans’ phone and email records. The amendment, sponsored by Michigan Republican Justin Amash, brought together an unlikely alliance of libertarians and liberals but was was narrowly voted down, 217-205 . The vote was the first opportunity the House has had to try to rein in the NSA after the bombshell revelations about the massive domestic surveillance program that were exposed last month by Edward Snowden. The White House strongly supported the NSA eavesdropping, as did House leaders such as Republican John Boehner and Democrat Nancy Pelosi. “Denying the NSA such access to data will leave the nation at risk,” said an open letter supporting the NSA’s program. Colorado Republican Mark Udall was among those who thought the data-snooping program went to far: “National security is of paramount importance, yet the NSA’s dragnet collection of Americans’ phone records violates innocent Americans’ privacy rights and should not continue as its exists today,” he said.


AP Photo/Patrick Semansky


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  • Jaack

    By leaving the NSA free to run roughshod over our right always chanting National Security, We have given away something that was truly private Innocent conversation of private citizens not under suspicion or investigation was private, away from snooping by a NOSY govt. Without court oversight the govt was kept under control by the courts, now anything goes for anyone for any reason. Watergate was a bunch of amateur compared to the hundreds of thousands of hard drives in NSA computers capturing every FAX, every conversation, every bit & byte of internet information sent or received. Everything with massive cheap computing power, only air conditioning and electric hold back these secret programs. Listening & watching US on a scale to boggle the mind.