Here’s the craziest wedding video you’ll see today

The Draper family isn’t just one of the most decorated in the history of Silicon Valley venture capital — it’s also one that’s always been comfortable living its collective life in public. Patriarch Bill Draper has had dual careers as an investing pioneer and high-profile political leader;  son Tim followed him into the VC side of the the family business, while daughter Polly (and her kids) became TV stars.

Tim’s daughter Jesse has enjoyed the best of both worlds by hosting her own online TV show focused on the tech industry. “The Valley Girl” has featured interviews with everyone from Steve Wozniak to Elon Musk to Jimmy Wales. So it should come as absolutely no surprise that Jesse has just posted video of her wedding last month to longtime beau Brian MacInnes. The surprising part may be just what happens as Tim and Jesse get halfway down the aisle. (Here’s a hint: The song that abruptly replaces “Ode to Joy” was perhaps the biggest example yet of social media’s ability to create a global music phenomenon.)



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