The growing CIGS graveyard: Nanosolar liquidation auction

The CIGS graveyard is getting full.

Nanosolar, the aspiring solar manufacturer located in South San Jose’s Edenvale clean technology zone, is done. The company laid off 75 percent of its workforce in February. The San Jose facility is being closed and a “bulk and piecemeal global online auction” for the company’s assets is being held August 13th.

Nanosolar is one of several solar start-ups that tried to use CIGS — copper indium gallium selenide — instead of silicon for its solar cells and panels. The more famous CIGS player was Solyndra.

It made its solar cells in San Jose and assembled them into panels at its factory in Luckenwalde, Germany. An un-named Swiss investor has bought that facility.

Eric Wesoff at Greentech Media has followed the Nanosolar saga closer than most.


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  • Charlie Tilford

    I was just back in Middlebury Vermont for my 50th high school reunion, and went past the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) post. This is where old warriors sit around getting drunk and talking about the glory days.

    I was thinking we could start a VSW (Veterans of Solar Wars) group, rotating through various Bay Area bars. I’ve been doing this solar stuff since 1972. Energy crises come and go, government funding the same, Chinese government policies, fracked natural gas…I was part of SunPower when it was eight guys holding on by their fingernails, then when CJ put in $$$$ and we did the beta fab in Round Rock and the plant in Laguna TechnoPark. Then part of the NanoSolar team for seven years. Lots of bright, dedicated men and women, and well-motivated investors, working our butts off and hearts out, trying to save the planet and get rich. Not this time.

    I declare myself Commandant, Post One, VSW. Email me for time and place;