Apple rumored to be hiring rumored employees for rumored iWatch

First came word that Apple’s legal hounds had been set loose upon the planet to lock up trademark rights for the word “iWatch,” the Cupertino tech giant’s much-rumored piece of wearable tech, reportedly coming soon to a wrist near you.

Now comes a report from the Financial Times that Apple has unleashed its human-resources hounds in a super-charged hiring binge to gather talent to help, reportedly, launch this smartwatch.

As CNET reported on the Times piece:

The gadget maker has been “aggressively” hiring new employees in recent weeks to work on developing the wearable computing device, suggesting the project involves “hard engineering problems that they’ve not been able to solve,” sources familiar with the matter told the newspaper. The timing suggests the much-rumored smart wristwatch won’t be available to consumers until late next year, the sources said.

So, until the next iWatch rumor surfaces, keep in mind the wise words of Chicago, when they asked the two-part musical question:

Does anybody really know what time it is?


Does anybody really care?



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