PG&E has 90,000 solar installations

On Wednesday, the California Public Utilities Commission released its annual report about the California Solar Initiative, the program designed to grow rooftop solar in the state.

In the report, which covers the first quarter of 2013, PG&E has 77,782 solar customers within its vast Northern California territory.

But the pace of solar installations continues to grow. On Thursday, PG&E let me know that the current figure stands at 90,000. That means that roughly 12,000 more solar installations came online in April, May and June.

PG&E has more solar customers than any other utility, which is one reason why Net Metering, the popular policy that allows homeowners, school districts and businesses to offset the cost of their electricity with the rooftop solar power they generate and export to the grid, has become such a big issue, particularly for PG&E.

The California Public Utilities Commission is working on a cost benefit analysis of net metering that solar advocates and utilities alike are eager to read. The report was originally supposed to be released in June; now it’s likely to come out later this year, before the Oct. 1 legislative deadline.




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