Elon Musk to Bloomberg: Model S production exceeds 400 cars per week.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has told Alan Ohnsman, the great Tesla beat reporter for Bloomberg, that Model S production exceeds 400 cars per week. Telsa’s production rate is a source of endless fascination for analysts and a key point on many of the earnings calls. Tesla has been at 400 a week for a while; the fact that they are churning out even more than that is good news and raises questions about what demand for the Model S is like in Europe, where deliveries begin later this month.

“We’re above 400 a week at the current manpower, and not trivially above it,” Musk said in the Bloomberg interview.  He further told Ohnsman that in late 2014, the pace is  “going to 800 a week. I’m very confident we’ll get there.”

Musk is speaking this weekend at the first-ever TESLIVE users conference, which is kind of like MacWorld for Tesla owners and enthusiasts.



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