Google interns: La Vida Loca in North San Jose?

Woohoo!  New York magazine is reporting that a North San Jose apartment complex turned into party central this summer, after a group of Google interns moved in a few weeks ago.  And some of their neighbors apparently weren’t too happy about the dorm-like atmosphere they brought with them.

Cue the obligatory comparisons to the recent film, “The Internship,” in which noted good-time guys Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn play middle-aged salesmen who talk their way into a summer internship at the famed Internet search company.

“Residents of Crescent Village are up in arms about the Google interns’ loud parties, late-night hot-tubbing sessions and other un-neighborly behavior,” according to New York’s Daily Intelligencer column.

“At first I thought it was summer camp, but then I noticed that the kids were too old,” said one neighbor quoted in the magazine.

Crescent Village is a high-end complex in North San Jose, where young professionals and Silicon Valley techies pay from $1,900 to $3,300 a month for amenities that include swimming pools, tennis courts and other facilities. It’s got its own Facebook page and draws plenty of favorable reviews on Yelp, except for those complaints about the interns.

“Lots of interns moving in this summer, it’s like a dorm now. I could hear a lot of noise, people talking and singing even in the middle of the night,” wrote one Yelper.

According to the Daily Intelligencer, those interns may have reason to blow off steam: While Google internships are known to be demanding, they pay around $5,900 a month.

That’s not unheard of in the tech world. As CNN Money reported in June, software engineer interns at Microsoft and Amazon are also paid more than $5,500 a month, while the job-rating website Glassdoor reports that Microsoft pays some research interns nearly $7,000 a month.

Meanwhile, the party scene at Crescent Village may be calming down a bit, after the complex reportedly closed one pool temporarily and distributed a flyer reminding tenants to be more considerate.


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