Apple’s next smartwatch-trademark stop: Uzbekistan? Namibia?

Could June 3, 2013, go down as the day Apple’s iWatch suddenly got real?

For the second day this week, the blogosphere is abuzz with news that Apple has now filed for trademark protection for the name “iWatch” in countries around the world, starting with Japan and now including Mexico,  Russia and others. And at least the first two applications were filed on June 3,  discovered only now by sleuthing bloggers.

Rumors have been flying for months a 100-member Apple team is furiously working on a smartwatch that could link up to an iPhone or iPad. Meanwhile, rival Samsung says it’s preparing  to release its own version of a smartwatch, while and other examples of wearable technology are drawing rave reviews by users. On Monday,  word spread that Apple had sought the trademark for iWatch in Japan. Apple has not commented on the reports, but it now appears the company’s  lawyers have been busy all over the globe, filing protection requests for the word soon to be on every fanboy’s lips.

The blog 9to5Mac had a very thorough wrapup:

In addition to filing a trademark for the name “iWatch” in Russia and Japan, Apple has requested a trademark for “iWatch” with Mexico’s Institute of Industrial Property. The Mexico-based filing was made public in recent days, but the request was originally filed on June 3rd. Apple filed the iWatch trademark under two categories relating to the hardware and software of mobile devices, according to the submitted documents.

The report even says Apple’s submitted an “iWatch” graphic in the filing, which can be viewed on 9to5Mac’s site. And the report explained nicely how the link between Apple lawyers and the activity at the trademark office in Mexico unfolded:

The “iWatch” trademark request in Mexico is tied to Apple’s 1 Infinite Loop address in Cupertino, California, and Apple Inc. is noted as the company behind the filing. According to these documents, the person who submitted the request for Apple is named Maria Teresa Eljure Tellez. This person is the Head of the Trademark department at Mexico-based law firm Arochi, Marroquín, & Linder, S.C. This firm also appears on other Apple trademarks in Mexico such as for the iPad and other recently launched products.

So you may as well get your Rand McNally and follow along with the bouncing Apple as the company’s legal ambassadors try and nail down the word iWatch from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between.



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  • Bernard

    An iWatch?? Sounds like Apple is starting to sputter.