Silicon Valley still a boys-only club, according to the data

Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg and Meg Whitman aside, Silicon Valley is still basically a boys-only club.

In a speech earlier this month, Catherine Bracy, who heads Code for America’s international program, provided some pretty damning statistics to prove the point.

For example, just 3 percent of valley startups receiving venture funding were headed by all-female teams, noted Bracy, whose organization promotes the use of Web-based services to better connect governments and citizens. By contrast, 89 percent were headed by all-male teams. Meanwhile, Silicon Valley women make just 49 cents for every dollar men here earn.

Some of this is likely due to the woeful underrepresentation of women among those receiving most science and technology degrees, particularly engineering and computer science. But not all of it.

As Bracy notes in a follow-up article, 31 percent of the startups that received funding in Massachusetts were all-female teams. And nationally, women receive 77 cents for every dollar earned by men.

So Silicon Valley seems to have a particular problem when it comes to including and paying women in the workplace.

Of course, you don’t necessarily need new statistics to see the problem. All you have to do is attend a tech conference and check out the lines for the bathrooms. Invariably, the women’s line is empty and the men’s is well out the door.

H/T to Mother Jones.

Photo by Mercury News Staff Photographer Richard Koci Hernandez.



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  • RegularGuy

    Unless your premise is that men are conspiring to keep women out, all I see are choices being made. Men are choosing SV careers and women are choosing other careers. In colleges, men choose majors and women choose majors. I am absolutely 100% certain there is NO college or university policy designed to repress or oppress women.

    Nothing insidious, nothing sinister. And nothing here to report about.

    I’m also wiling to bet you have no idea how that ’77 cents’ statistic was compiled. Do you know where the underlying data came from, or what the REST of the data shows? Unlikely. It’s so much easier to parrot from some feminist advocacy study.

    If you want to write an Op-Ed piece, do so, but don’t present it as objective reporting.

  • AnotherRegularGuy

    My girlfriend and I started working in SV in 1985. We were both electrical engineers working for the same company. We both earned the same salary.