Quoted: ‘world’s youngest VC’ on youthful entrepreneurs

“I really only want to meet with entrepreneurs under 25. I mean, if you’re 30, what are you doing at South by [Southwest]?”

Alex Banayan, 20, the subject of a profile in the July issue of Fortune that calls him the world’s youngest venture capitalist, when he was at the SXSW tech and music conference in March. He is an associate at San Francisco-based Alsop Louie, along with four other “student VCs” who keep track of startups at universities such as Stanford, MIT and USC (where he is a student). Banayan also is writing a book in which he hopes to interview famous people such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and ask them to recount how they got their big breaks. As of last year, Banayan — then a teenage VC — said he had spoken with 11 of the 25 people he wanted to feature in his book.


Screen shot from Alex Banayan’s website


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  • Roland Alden

    Ummm. This is a joke or parody, right?

  • Great. “Wisdom” from another moneyed self-promoter who isn’t old enough to drink.

    Last I checked, the survival rate for Internet startups wasn’t exactly healthy. Maybe if they’d hire a few 40 year-olds — who already made the everyday mistakes the 20 year-olds are now making — that rate would be higher.