DreamWorks shows coming soon (well, next year) to a Netflix queue near you

DreamWorks will produce original TV shows for Netflix, pushing shares of the Los Gatos company considerably higher this morning.

Netflix says the multiyear partnership, which will include shows based on popular movies such as “Shrek” and “The Croods” as well as new shows, is its biggest original-content deal yet — although its financial terms were not disclosed.

The company’s children’s programming had taken a big hit (a.k.a. subscribers were fuming mad, just see the comments on a previous SiliconBeat post) after the loss of shows such as “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “Dora the Explorer” last month, when its contract with Nickelodeon parent Viacom expired. Netflix rival Amazon.com then picked up exclusive rights to the shows.

Also in December, Netflix struck a huge deal to stream Disney movies soon after they are released in movie theaters; Netflix shares soared after that announcement, too.

The DreamWorks-produced shows will make their debut next year, and add to the growing partnership between the animation company and Netflix.

Netflix is adding more and more original content as it contends with increasing competition from Amazon, Hulu and others, including cable companies, that are offering streaming movies and TV shows.

Shares of Netflix are up about 7 percent to $229.10 as of this post.


“Shrek” photo from DreamWorks Animation via AP


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