GTM Research and SEIA: Rooftop solar has record quarter in California

The great folks at GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association release quarterly and year-end reports about the U.S. solar market. It’s always worth diving into for its state-by-state analysis.

The latest report, which covers the first quarter, found that 723 megawatts were installed in Q1, up 33 percent over the first quarter last year. The California residential market had a record quarter, installing more new PV capacity than ever before.

“We are on the cusp of a new solar revolution in the U.S., driven by the rapid expansion of distributed generation,” said Shayle Kann, vice president of research at GTM, in a statement. “Installations will speed up over the next four years as projects become economically preferable to retail power in more locations. However, changes to net metering and electricity rate structures could serve as the market’s primary barrier to adoption.”

An enormous battle over net metering is well underway here in California. Solar industry advocates and utilities alike are waiting for the California Public Utilities Commission to drop its NEM study, which was supposed to be out this month but seems to be postponed.



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  • Doug Pearson

    We use so little electricity that converting to solar power doesn’t make sense for us, but I do think solar cells on the residential (and commercial) roof make sense for many people.

    I think PG&E should pay a reasonable price for the electricity they get from their customers. No doubt, they say the same thing but they are thinking of a different price than I am. I also think people should be able to disconnect entirely from PG&E (go off the grid) if that’s the way they want to go. In both cases, the more people do this, the more harm it does to PG&E.