Apple iRadio bags Sony, world domination to follow

Apple is taking another step in its march to world domination by bagging Sony Music and wrapping up a deal with the last key hold-out in its music-streaming scheme, according to tech blog AllThingsD.

“The deal means that Apple now has agreements with all three major music labels,” ATD reported. “Apple had been pushing music executives to come aboard in advance of its annual developer conference next week, so you should expect to hear an official announcement Monday.”

For those of you who can’t get enough Apple news (yes, I’m talking to you), you can also read about the deal on CNETThe Guardian, which is having a good week news-wise; TechCrunch, and about a billion other places.

TechCrunch is putting its money on a launch of the so-called iRadio during Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference next week. AllThingsD says not so fast:

“In any case, Apple isn’t expected to actually launch iRadio at its WWDC event. Instead, it’s expected to tell developers about the forthcoming service, which should function like an enhanced version of Pandora — that is, it will be a free streaming music service that gives users more control of their songs than standard Web radio, but less than full on-demand services like Spotify.”

Can you imagine? Apple timing a deal so it can make a big splash during a developers conference? Apparently no one bothered to ask Apple about any of this, because Apple never has anything to say about what it’s up to.

Apple’s music-palooza is not a done deal, as dealers like to say. AllThingsD talks about “hurdles” and TechCrunch sites “hiccups,” and you can imagine the difficulties of running the hurdles with the hiccups.

The stumbling blocks (Really? Hurdles, hiccups and stumbling blocks?) revolve around getting Sony/ATV, Sony’s publishing arm, to sign on, AllThingsD says.

Then again, this is Apple. Resistance is futile.


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