San Francisco, San Jose dominate ranking of clean tech cities

It’s no secret that California regularly dominates any state-by-state ranking of clean tech leadership thanks to state policies like the Renewable Portfolio Standard, venture capital investment, patents, etc.

Now Clean Edge has put out a new report that looks at cities, and there’s a big link: five of the top seven metro regions for clean tech are in the Golden State. San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego are all winners in their own right, thanks to city-specific policies that are driving the clean tech economy. In Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has vowed to remove coal-fired power from the city’s energy mix by 2025.

“Clean-tech deployment in the U.S. is largely being driven by state and metro-level activity,” said Clean Edge managing director Ron Pernick in a statement. “And it’s no longer about small, barely visible slices of market share.”


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  • Ed

    You dominate because you send all those stinking, jobs to China or elsewhere.


  • Doug Pearson

    “Villaraigosa has vowed to remove cola-fired power” I love it! Now, if they can only get rid of beer-fired power…