Server sales fall for HP and Oracle, but rise for Cisco

The dwindling personal computer market isn’t the only concern for Hewlett-Packard.  A new report concludes the Palo Alto tech titan also has lost market share in the computer server business.

HP’s server sales for the first quarter of this year were down nearly 15 percent from the same period a year ago, according to the analysis by researcher International Data Corporation.

Over that same period,  HP —  the industry’s biggest server seller – saw its share of the market drop from 29.2 percent to 26.9 percent.

The report also had bad news for Redwood City-based Oracle. Its server revenue dropped 26.2 percent from a year ago and it’s market share shrank from 6 percent to 4.8 percent.

Cisco Systems, which is a relatively small player in the server business, posted a big gain. Its server revenue for the period jumped 34.9 percent, IDC said, and its share of the market edged up from 2.8 percent to 4.1 percent.

The biggest winner was Dell, which boosted its server revenue by more than 10 percent and its market share from nearly 16 percent to nearly 19 percent.

“Customer demand for new servers is being impacted by ongoing server consolidation, technology transitions and challenging macroeconomic conditions across the globe,” said IDC group vice president Matt Eastwood in a press release. “It is clear that challenging market conditions are increasing the competitive dynamics for server market share globally.”


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