Get paid while you shop with new Quri app

Another smartphone app was unveiled at the high-powered, high-tech All Things Digital conference held this week in the California coastal resort town of Rancho Palos Verde.

It was Apple that took the spotlight at the annual technology conference on Tuesday when CEO Tim Cook hinted at a future with wearable computers, but Quri stole a moment on Wednesday when the company pulled back the curtain on its new app.

Quri is a retail intelligence web service that provides real-time data for retailers and brands on product sales and promotions in stores. But the iPhone app, which the company is calling EasyShift,  is actually a tool for consumers who want to earn a bit of cash while they browse their local mall or drugstore. Shoppers who download the EasyShift app will get paid to take pictures with their iPhone of store displays, pricing information, items that are out of stock, advertisements and other stores issues that Quri asks them about.

So, instead of tearing through a rack of cardigan sweaters to find your size, you are instead studying the display to make sure the sweaters are all correctly labeled, buttoned and facing the right direction. The idea, co-CEO John Mecklenburg said at the conference, is to help consumers make some cash during their daily shopping routine. Shoppers typically get paid between about $3 and $8 for a shift, which lasts just a few minutes.

The information shoppers collect is immediately transmitted, verified and analyzed by Quri’s cloud-based application, and retailers can use the feedback to fix in-store problems.

Quri was founded in 2012 in San Francisco.


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