Marissa Mayer getting in the Tumblr spirit

No one can say Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer doesn’t have a sense of humor.

She and her top aides have acknowledged that the giant Internet portal has lost a lot of cred with younger Internet users in recent years. So when Mayer announced Monday that Yahoo was buying the hipster blogging service Tumblr for $1.1 billion, she went out of her way to show that she “gets” the kind of humor and visual gags that many people like about the free-wheeling blogging site.

It wasn’t just her repeated promises to give Tumblr founder David Karp a free hand in continuing to run the service, and to “not screw it up.” Mayer  (or her ghost-writer?) also tweeted out some links to her own Tumblr blog on Monday that commemorated the deal with irreverence.

First there was this post.

And then there was this one, in which Mayer and Karp debated acronyms that have come to be associated with their respective sites.

(We’re assuming that WFH is a reference to the “work-from-home” flap that erupted when Mayer ordered an end to that practice for Yahoo workers. NSFW is the “not safe for work” warning that might be assigned to some of those Tumblr pages devoted to “adult” content.)


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  • Perhaps she is doing right; yahoo is only for more adult generation now. Younger one is using tumbler. The pictures are fantastic. Thanks for making it fun. I don’t think it will finish with giving the rights to Tumblr, but still we have what to talk and write about.