Nikola Tesla walks into a Sand Hill Road VC firm…

OK, so maybe making fun of venture capitalists is like shooting fish in a barrel. (Note: No fish were harmed in the producing of this blog post.)

That said, the group behind a movement to get a statue of Nikola Tesla erected in Palo Alto (one of the many hearts of Silicon Valley) has done a wonderful job of it. My column on the statue-building effort should be on the Web later today. For now, you can read about it on VentureBeat.

You know Tesla, right? He’s the 19th and early 20th century inventor who came up with our current (get it?) system of electricty and was decades ahead of his time in describing, and working on, wireless communication and energy delivery. Oh, and, he got an electric car named after him.

Tesla has recently become something of a cult figure among techies. And Dorrian Porter, a Menlo Park start-up guy, is leading a charge and a Kickstarter campaign to have a staute of NT put up near California Avenue.

He says Tesla embodied the noble (and sometimes Nobel) purusit of innovation for innovation’s sake. Something he says the valley could use more of.

Meantime, it’s good to know that while their pursuit of the statue is serious, the ┬áplan’s backers don’t take themselves too seriously.

(Photo by Mercury News photographer Pat Tehan)




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  • Lazlo57

    I personally think Tesla has more than earned some recognition. Had we listened to him instead of Edison, electricity would have been free and wireless. Instead he died in poverty, because we didn’t understand this dedication to humanity.