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“Yahoo has to be the only public company in the world where the CEO spends his or her time toiling over work-from-home and paternity policies.”

Erik Gordon, a professor at the University of Michigan, on the new baby-bump policy Yahoo announced Tuesday. The Sunnyvale company is now offering 16 weeks of paid maternity leave and eight weeks of paid paternity leave, which reportedly moves those benefits closer to those offered by Google and Facebook. In February, the company announced a ban on telecommuting, which set off a firestorm of criticism aimed at CEO Marissa Mayer. Among other things, she was accused of going backward in the age of tech advances that make working from home possible, as well as being out of touch with the needs of non-wealthy working parents. But some said the grief Mayer was given over the telecommuting ban was over the top, perhaps because she is a female CEO. The new leave policy “is a step in the right direction,” Marilyn Nagel, CEO of Watermark, a Palo Alto-based nonprofit group that focuses on women, told the Merc’s Dan Nakaso. But some write that it “is merely a nice but small gesture,” and that the importance of allowing telecommuting and flexibility hasn’t changed.


Photo of Marissa Mayer from Associated Press archives


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  • steve hammill

    Smart gal, but inexperienced. The inexperience shows. She should study Steve Bennett. He is a true, sage CEO.

  • Dave Keller

    You are missing the opportunity! For years we’ve wondered what the purpose of Yahoo is. If they offer a complete set of work-from-home SaaS solutions, becoming PaaS for work-from-home and family-life management, they have a huge market in front of them, and all the ad opportunities they could ever want. If they have an interest, then serve it well…it’ll be a hit, and a lot more valuable than the fumbling around they do today.