Facebook to Credo: We do not allow the use of Mark Zuckerberg’s image in any ad

Mark Zuckerberg’s political group, called FWD.US., is a highly sophisticated, tech-savvy entity dedicated to passing comprehensive immigration reform. Part of the strategy relies on reaching out separately to key liberals and conservatives.

But FWD.US and its two subsidiaries, Americans for a Conservative Direction and Council for American Job Growth, have caught heat from environmentalists for spending money on targeted ads that advocate construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or ANWR.

Now Credo, a social change organization that funds progressive nonprofits, has launched its own campaign urging Zuckerberg and FWD.US to pull the ads. Credo wanted to run its own paid ads on Facebook about the issue, but Facebook rejected the ads.  In an e-mail, the Facebook Ads Team told Credo that they “do not allow the use of Mark Zuckerberg’s image in any ad.”

“The people on Facebook who made Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire need to know that he is using his fortune to bankroll pro-Keystone XL propaganda,” said Becky Bond, CREDO’s political director. “And if Facebook is giving up ad revenue in order to protect the CEO from public scrutiny of his private political giving, then that’s something that both users, employees and shareholders absolutely need to know.”

Credo and 350.org are planning to protest at Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters Wednesday, where they’ll deliver a petition calling on Zuckerberg to stop funding the ads.




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  • Connie Guy

    I Think if Facebook and Mr. (Smarty Pants) Zuckerberg are so squeaky clean and don’t have anything to hide .. then what are they so ‘up in arms’ about? Transparency dude… transparency !! ~ Let ALL your financiers KNOW the truth!.. as to what you do with the $gadzillions$ you are making off all us little pee-on’s! Credo* Is a damn good organization working for the damn good of this country!!

  • edrie

    Zuckerberg is a public person, and he is funding a public ad campaign. He may not like having his face in that ad, but that’s too bad. And trying to control that use across Facebook? Well, good luck with that.