Zillow earnings call going social with Twitter, Facebook

Zillow said it’s going to take questions during its Q1 earnings call May 7 via Twitter and  Facebook, and it says it will be the first company to do so.

The online real estate web site is taking advantage of a Securities and Exchange Commission announcement April 2 allowing companies to use social media to disclose significant  information as long as they make it clear where to access it.

“Now the investor community can connect with Zillow by Tweeting questions to @zillow and using the hashtag #ZEarnings, or by posting a question on our Facebook page,” the company said.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings temporarily got himself in a jam with the SEC after making a comment on his personal Facebook page last June that Netflix had streamed more than 1 billion hours of Internet video.

The SEC launched an investigation that culminated in the relaxed rules.

Zillow said its CEO Spencer Rascoff will also take questions “the traditional way,” from people dialed into the conference call.


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  • Surbiton

    Yet another gimmick from Zillow, and as they already know the results for the 1st quarter it is probably to deflect from the real issues. What’s the odds that they take real questions from homeowners with serious issues about Zillows nonsense Zestimates? zero !!!!