Quoted: Khan Academy founder puts things in perspective

“She said that her entire family prays for my family every night. To put that into context, at the time I was working for a hedge fund.”

Sal Khan, founder of Mountain View-based Khan Academy, recalls a letter from a woman whose two disabled children used Khan’s educational videos, during a talk at the London School of Economics last week. The Ivy League-educated Khan started ( in 2006, officially) what some have called a revolution in education by offering YouTube video tutorials, many focused on math, for free. Since then, philanthropists including John and Ann Doerr, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and companies such as Google and Oracle, have jumped on board and helped fund the non-profit. Khan was named as one of Time’s 100 most influential people of 2012. The Guardian says telecom mogul Carlos Slim’s foundation earlier this year announced funding for Spanish translations of the learning videos. But Khan and the Academy are not without their critics, some of whom have posted video critiques of Khan’s videos — which now number more than 4,000. Khan has said he considers feedback and makes changes: “We’re actually a quick platform for experimentation,” he told the Merc’s Sharon Noguchi last year.


Photo of Salman Khan from Mercury News archives


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  • jr

    Websites such as Khan or MathTV.com may have some critics but it’s their pure intention to provide a world-class education to people wanting to learn that keeps those people coming back.