Quoted: on CISPA opponents as ’14-year-old tweeters in your basement’

“People on the Internet — if you’re, you know, a 14-year-old tweeter in your basement… I took my nephew, I had to work with him a lot on this bill because he didn’t understand the mechanics of it.”

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., one of the authors of CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), which goes before the House today. The measure — which would involve increased cooperation and sharing of consumer information between the government and businesses in the name of cybersecurity — has broad support from businesses but is opposed by advocacy groups including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which seized on Rogers’ comment Tuesday: “Rep. Rogers says #CISPA opponents are probably 14-year-olds in a basement. Tell him how wrong he is by tweeting to @RepMikeRogers,” the group said on Twitter. As we’ve mentioned before, opponents’ concerns about CISPA include how much user data companies would share with the government, and the broad immunity those companies would be given to share such information. Tuesday, the White House released a statement threatening to veto the bill, echoing the same concerns of CISPA’s opponents: “Citizens have a right to know that corporations will be held accountable – and not granted immunity – for failing to safeguard personal information adequately.”


Photo of Rep. Mike Rogers (pointing)/Associated Press archives


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