Quoted: on looking back by way of the Apple Pop-Up Museum

“When we hear a band we liked as teenagers, we feel nostalgia, but that’s usually not the band’s thing.”

Thereze Almström, the Apple Pop-Up Museum’s curator, when asked why Apple doesn’t seem interested in looking back at its own history. Late last year, Pat May wrote for SiliconBeat about how a computer historian who was pushing the Cupertino company to include a visitor center in its new headquarters was told “essentially that Apple doesn’t look back, Apple looks forward. A museum in our  lobby just won’t fly.” Oh well, says Lonnie Mimms, the man behind the Apple Pop-Up Museum, which will be in Atlanta the weekend of April 20 and 21. Mimms, who gave 512 Pixels’ Stephen Hackett a preview of the museum — think Apple II, Lisa, MacColby, NeXT machines and more — said, “the history is extremely important, but the corporate entity doesn’t have to be the one to do the remembering. There are plenty of folks to do that for them.”


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  • Doug Pearson

    Hmmm. It’s inevitable that computer museums of various types will continue to pop up but I can’t help wondering what the Computer History Museum’s Apple/NeXT collection looks like.