Tilted Kilt news release promises to put the “Silicone” in Silicon Valley

A lot of times when a press release can’t be overlooked, it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Take today’s from the fun-loving folks at the Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery chain. (Think Hooter’s in plaid.)

“NoCal Tilt Holdings, LLC signed a 10 store deal to develop Kilt sites in Fresno, Sacramento and the Silicone Valley/East Bay areas over the next five years.”

Yeah, Silicone. Sometimes it’s not enough to be the innovation capital of the world, the economic engine of the country and a place that lives to be forward-looking.

Sometimes they still get your name wrong.

OK, everybody makes mistakes and as a mistake, calling Silicon Valley “Silicone Valley” is embarrassing, but not the end of the world.  And I’m sure it was an innocent mistake. Those kooky Tilted Kilt folks wouldn’t have been dabbling in a little double entendre, would they?

What do you take them for? Frat boys?

Anyway, here’s what the company says we have in store:

“Californians will soon enjoy the rousing tradition of Scottish, Irish and English pubs in their own backyard as the one-of-a-kind eatery with the sexy kilted servers unveils ambitious expansion plans.”

Which is weird because the only tradition of a “Scottish, Irish and English” pub I can imagine is a huge fistfight.

But wait. There’s more from the release:

“There’s also plenty of beer and perhaps its signature asset — the beautiful and alluring servers in sexy plaid kilts and matching bras.”

I have to say that the sexy kilted servers really don’t seem a perfect fit for Silicon Valley sensibilities. The valley is fairly progressive, though the brogrammer culture (remember Adria Richards?) endures. The idea of cocktail waitresses in skimpy outfits strikes me as a throwback for a place that is constantly moving forward.

Then again, the news release doesn’t expressly say that the sexy kilt-wearing servers will be women. And in fact, a kilt is traditionally a man’s garment.

Maybe this whole idea is more progressive than it seems.



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  • Michael Cook

    Not only is a kilt a male garment, but a plaid is a kind of blanket worn over the shoulder like a coat. The pattern on it and on the kilt ia a tartan, nit a plaid. The particular pattern called a tartan denotes the clan (tribe) to which its owner belongs.

    There is even a data base of artans.


    Mike Cook

  • “Rousing tradition of Scottish, Irish and English pubs”…

    But not Welsh pubs it seems? I would have thought they would also be rousing locations at the moment, given their triumph in the Six Nations last month. Or is life in the Principality just too depressing to qualify…?