Google double-whammy: Android complaints in Europe, plus Microsoft ‘Scroogled’ ads run anew

Gargantuan Google is again playing whack-a-mole with complaints over its business practices.

Calling Android a “Trojan Horse,” rivals of Google have urged European regulators to look into the Silicon Valley giant’s dominant position in mobile. The rivals, including Microsoft, Oracle and Nokia, say Google uses mobile OS Android to boost its position in search as well.

The Android complaints come as Google tries to work out a settlement with the European Commission, which for the past couple of years has been investigating the company over its search and advertising practices. In January, Google reached a settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over antitrust allegations, agreeing to change some of its practices but avoiding a fine. Its rivals said then that they were looking for tougher action from the EU. (See Google Must Be Feeling Lucky: It Ducks U.S. Antitrust Suit With FTC Settlement and The Google-FTC Deal The Day After.)

The Android complaints were formally submitted today by FairSearch, a lobbying group that includes Microsoft, Oracle, Nokia, Expedia, Kayak and more. But they’re not new, because EU Chief Joaquin Almunia reportedly had said officials were looking into Android even as they addressed the original complaints about Google. Microsoft, by the way, also figured into those original complaints. (See Microsoft Joins The Pile As Google Hits Keep Coming.)

Speaking of Microsoft vs. Google, the “Scroogled” ad campaign continues, now with a focus on apps that run on Android. This time around, Microsoft is running ads about privacy issues surrounding mobile-phone apps, something others have brought up before, the Associated Press points out. But it’s all part of the software giant’s all-out assault on one of its biggest competitors — which it says is “Scroogling” people, or compromising their privacy. (See When Elephants Fight: Google Vs. Microsoft Goes On And On.)


Photo of latest Microsoft ad by Associated Press


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