Aspiring entrepreneur alert: scholarships offered for San Mateo-based Draper University

Wanna-be entrepreneurs hoping to learn about company-building at the newly opened Draper University of Heroes in San Mateo can now apply for scholarships.

Venture capitalist Andy Tang and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Heidi Roizen just announced they are footing the bill for two scholarships each during the summer and fall sessions. Tang, managing director of ABB Technology Ventures, said he believes in the mission of the university, founded by VC Tim Draper. His scholarships are for entrepreneurs with a global vision. Roizen’s scholarships are aimed at women.

“I  just want to help give back to the entrepreneurial community so they can avoid the common mistakes others and I have made in the past,” Tang said in an email. “Through my experience in the last ten years, it became apparent to me that the next ‘Zuckerberg’ or ‘Sergey Brin’ may come from anywhere on the planet.  More importantly, the global impact of a good entrepreneur has become more significant as even the smallest and remote markets are now connected to the rest.”

Draper, a Menlo Park venture capitalist who helped launch Baidu and Skype, is opening his school for entrepreneurs. The program offers six-week and eight-week sessions for students aged 18 to 26 who learn business survival skills. Each session costs $9,500.

The school, designed to create independent-minded risk-takers, is based out of the newly refurbished Benjamin Franklin Hotel and a Tudor-style building, both on Third Avenue in San Mateo.






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