Psst! You’ll never guess what Apple’s launching in the second quarter

A new iPhone, you say?

How DID you know?

As Apple struggles with a slumping stock price, a comeuppance from the Chinese government about allegedly shoddy customer service, and a general weakening of the traditionally awestruck fascination consumers have had with the company and its products, rumors have surfaced yet again that a new iPhone is in the works.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal attributed to  “people familiar with the device’s production,” a refreshed iPhone similar in size and shape to the iPhone is coming down the pike:

Apple Inc. AAPL +0.93%plans to begin production of a new iPhone similar in size and shape to its current one in the second quarter of the year, according to people familiar with the device’s production, teeing up a possible summer launch for the next version of its flagship device.

The report also said Apple was continuing to work with its suppliers in Asia on a more moderately priced  iPhone. That one, which had been previously rumored far and wide, could make its debut sometime in the second half of 2013.


The 4-inch device will likely use a different casing from the higher-end iPhone. Apple has been working on different color shells for the phone but its plans remain unclear.

Apple, as it is wont to do, would not comment on the report.

In another intriguing angle, a report from Mashable indicates that the coming iPhones were actually designed under the close watch of then-CEO Steve Jobs. And just as I’d reported in my own blog post yesterday, Mashable cites San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon, who had met with an Apple executive recently on another matter and learned that the next two iPhones were designed before CEO Tim Cook took charge of the tech giant, following Jobs’ death.

Wow. Even San Francisco’s top lawman has jumped with both feet into the Apple rumor mill.




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