April Fool’s announcements aplenty …

It’s April First. And if there’s one holiday that Silicon Valley folks love, it’s April Fool’s Day.

With that in mind, we weren’t too surprised to see an announcement last night that YouTube is going to stop accepting new videos as of today, and spend the next two years picking the “best video ever.”

We only scratched our heads a little when we read about Google Nose …  complete with a “Safe Search” option for those “Don’t Ask, Don’t Smell” queries …

And we got a giggle from the new “Treasure Mode” feature on Google Maps

We weren’t sure if Sony was kidding about its new line of tech products for pets …

But we noticed that Microsoft used the occasion to take a swipe at Google: Try going to the Bing homepage and type “Google” in the search field.

Google fired back with Gmail Blue, a sarcastic take on Microsoft’s next Windows update, code-named Blue.

Meanwhile, since we love words, we had to crack up at the following announcement from Twitter:

And since April Fools lasts 24 hours, we expect we’ll see more like this as the day wears on.


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