Quoted: Stop staring at the Google cars!

“They follow the rules of the road perfectly and change lanes with appropriate caution. They always signal. Thing is, the cars make the drivers around them worse.”

— Ashley Vance, Bloomberg Businessweek tech writer, in a tongue-in-cheek column decrying the overabundance of Google self-driving cars around Mountain View. His point: Sure, the Google cars are cool and the wave of the future, but for now, their novelty is making other yahoos on the road stop and gawk at them. “The situation gets worse when people pass a Google car and take their eyes off the road while they try to analyze what exactly is next to them. The humans swerve. They drift. They’ve turned the area around my house into a game of Frogger,” Vance writes. Alas, the price of progress.


(Photo by Gary Reyes / Mercury News archives)


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  • Fred Lee

    I live in Mountain View and retired. The driverless car is perfect for me and other seniors. There is another type of driverless car by Oxford University which uses laser beam instead of GPS, but seldom reported by newspaper. I think driverless car will not only change the habit of the driver, it will also have big impact on the future business model. Does anyone know when the driverless car will be on the market and how much it will cost?
    Fred Lee

  • Patrick

    I recently drove the long, straight, monotonous 5 from LA-SF — what a perfect route to introduce the Google car.