Facebook’s planning some Android news next week

And in other Facebook news …

Facebook’s just announced a product event on Thursday April 4. They’ve sent out the usual teaser notice, without many details, inviting reporters and analysts to “come see our new home on Android.”

While it’s not clear what they’ll be showing off, the folks at the world’s biggest social network have been working full-throttle to beef up its mobile service on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Facebook has taken steps to integrate its services closely with Apple’s iPhone. And over at TechCrunch, the usually well-sourced Josh Constine is reporting the company might be going further, with a modified version of Android on a phone made by HTC.

If so, it wouldn’t quite be the often-speculated “Facebook Phone” made by Facebook – which Mark Zuckerberg has insisted he doesn’t want to build – but perhaps a model for Facebook on a phone.

The company’s last two events were held to highlight Facebook’s new Graph Search and a significant upgrade to its News Feed. So we’ll be there to cover the news …




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  • Skrew Driver

    the usual hot air from Facebook. I hope the company implodes with a not too loud bang soon. I truly hope that Mark Z and Sheryl S lose all of the money they made on this deal.

  • monica