Quoted: Behind the massive DDoS attack clogging the Internet

“These guys are just mad. To be frank, they got caught. They think they should be allowed to spam.”

— Patrick Gilmore, chief architect at Akamai Networks, describing to the New York Times what’s going on behind a massive distributed denial of service attack that has slowed Internet traffic around the world. According to the Times report, a Dutch web-hosting company named Cyberbunker is being accused of sending a wave of spam directed at Spamhaus, an international anti-spam organization, as retaliation after it added Cyberbunker to its blacklist of known spam senders. The attacks are reportedly being generated by collections of connected computers known as botnets at an unprecedented data avalanche of 300 billion bits per second, clogging networks around the globe. “It is a real number,” Gilmore told the Times. “It is the largest publicly announced DDoS attack in the history of the Internet.” Sven Olaf Kamphuis, a spokesman for the spammers, acknowledged Cyberbunker was being attacked for “abusing” its influence: “Nobody ever deputized Spamhaus to determine what goes and does not go on the Internet,” he said, according to the Times.


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