Off topic: Rap quotes, Woody Allen, ‘Defiance’ and Calvin & Hobbes

Rap quotes are popping up on street signs in New York. Thank artist Jay Shells for that. Um, I know you never asked for it, but here’s a supercut of every Woody Allen stammer from every Woody Allen movie. Syfy’s new post-apocalyptic series “Defiance” will be the first TV series to be paired with a video game, which will evolve with the series. And yes, this really is the greatest thing ever: Calvin and Hobbes scenes animated into GIFs.


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  • bazza

    Trion… Oh yes, the MMO company that lost their entire user’s database to hackers via Rift. This led to a huge knock-on in ID theft for hundreds of online services. No, I don’t think I’ll be buying more of their product, thanks all the same. (assuming the world needed more Mad Max clones)