Quoted: HTC exec admits problems

“We have a lot of innovations but we haven’t been loud enough.”

— Benjamin Ho, HTC’s chief marketing officer, at a press event in Taipei on Monday, where the Wall Street Journal reported he was unusually frank in discussing supply-line shortages and the company’s failure to create buzz for itself. HTC’s new One smartphone has been praised by critics, but consumers are being forced to wait longer to buy one, as Ho admitted a shortage in camera components is holding up production. The device was unveiled in February, but while it goes on sale this week in the UK, Germany and Taiwan, North America won’t see it for another month. Along with noting the production failures, Ho acknowledged HTC hasn’t done enough to pump up its smartphone brand, which has been largely overshadowed by Apple and Samsung.  Ho promised to change that with a new, more aggressive approach to marketing and advertising, already evident by a dig at Apple and a Twitter campaign mocking the Samsung Galaxy S4.


Mandy Cheng/AFP/Getty Images


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