Google teams up with “Family Guy” Stewie to warm our hearts — and sell computers

Let’s just say Google has captured the parent market for its Chromebook laptop with its latest ad blitz.

The Mountain View search and advertising company has launched a series of 15 second video ads — think of them as memes for moms (and dads) — that are spot on for anyone who’s cared for children (or dogs, it turns out).

Hands down, one of the snippets is better than the rest. See, when you’re going for the parent market, you could do worse than lining up celebrity spokes-cartoon character Stewie, the child star of “Family Guy.” What parent doesn’t have the Stewie, “Mom! Ma! Moma! Moma! Ma!” scene playing in his or her head most of the day?

Yep, Stewie does his thing for Chromebook, the idea being you can be interrupted while working on one of the $249 cloud-based machines and simply pick up where you left off — on a tablet, phone or computer.

Google has pushed the Chromebook’s family friendly nature since its early days and these ads are a way to reinforce that message.

The other clips star a dog, who is eating driving directions, though he could just as easily be eating your homework; an infant who is gnawing on a Chromebook; and the motherless breadfish, which is something I need to do a lot more research on.

But first, I think I hear my kid calling.



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