Apple co-founder Steve Jobs manga, coming soon to a comic book near you

First there was Walter Isaacson’s exhaustive 656-page biography of Steve Jobs.

Now comes the comic book.

Not just any comic book. But a comic book from the award-winning Japanese manga artist Mari Yamazaki. And since one of her previous works was turned into a live-action film, the blogosphere is abuzz with speculation that the same thing could happen with this manga.

In a posting on San Francisco-based Crunchyroll, an international online community focused on Asian media including anime, manga and electronic music, writer Scott Green said the manga-bio is now on sale in the April issue of big-time manga publisher Kodansha’s Kiss magazine.

As it hits the stands, the first 14 pages are available to view on Yahoo! Japan’s bookstore site.And while it hard to make out just what’s going on the frames filled with cartoon images of the genius behind Apple, it’s interesting to note that Kiss is josei anthology, which an Appadvice blogger points out is a publication featuring manga created mostly teenage girls and young female readers.

Here’s a handful of frames from the preview:


The comic version is apparently an adaptation by Yamazaki from Isaacson’s authorized biography, which he finished shortly before Jobs’ death in 2011. Best known for her comedic manga “Thermae Romae,” Yamazaki was born in Tokyo but now lives in Chicago.



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