Google Watch joins Apple’s iWatch on the watch watch list

Given all the things Google tells us — how to get to that new restaurant, who won the 1989 Final Four, what’s the square root of 377 — why wouldn’t Google also want to tell us what time it is?

Yes, Google is the latest company added to the watch watch, according to the Financial Times. (The FT requires registration, but here’s a recap of its reporting on The Verge.)

And nothing gets the buzz going like being on the watch watch. Apple’s iWatch is as good as here, even though Apple, being Apple, has not said boo about its wrist-centric aspirations.

Not saying boo was enough for Apple’s new arch-rival Samsung (as opposed to its old arch-rival Google) to declare that it, too, was in the watch business.

“We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long,” Samsung VP Lee Young Hee said, just in case anybody got the idea that Samsung was ripping off an Apple idea.

What? Never.

“We are working very hard to get ready for it,” he continued. ” We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.”

It’s becoming increasingly clear that in the near future we’re going to be wearing our technology more than we’re going to be carrying it or sitting in front of it, as Patrick May reported this week.

There’s the iWatch, Samsung’s product, Sony’s watch, the Pebble and even LG.

OK, some are skeptical. And me? I think this wearable technology fad-in-waiting is getting a little out of hand.

But who am I to spoil the party. Watch watchers are especially excited about the Google rumor because, rumor has it, the watch is coming out of the Mountain View company’s Android division, not the X Lab, which is developing Google Glass — meaning somebody might actually wear the watch.

Fascinating stuff, but it leaves me with one question: Will it be possible to read the Google Watch while wearing Google Glass?

Stay tuned.

(Photo of Pebble by the Associated Press)


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