Quoted: Jack Dorsey on past Twitter turmoil and more

“I was angry. I was angry at — you know, the board. I was angry at my co-founders. I was angry at myself.”

Jack Dorsey, on being forced out as Twitter CEO in 2008; he is said to have been difficult to work with. In an episode of “60 Minutes” that aired Sunday, he admitted that he needs to communicate better — something that might serve him well because he also said on the show that he wants to run for mayor of New York City one day. “I do have a tendency to really think about things by myself and decide things,” he said. In 2011, however, Dorsey was invited back to Twitter as executive chairman. In the meantime (2009), he had founded Square, the payments company that allows anyone with a smartphone to accept credit-card payments, among other things. Dorsey’s innovative ideas and success — not many can claim to have founded two hit tech companies within three years of each other; valuations of private companies are tricky, but recent reports have pegged Twitter’s value at about $10 billion, and Square’s at about $3 billion — have earned him plenty of kudos, and led Forbes to call him a “bigger nerd than Steve Jobs,” which interviewer Lara Logan brought up on “60 Minutes” — and Dorsey softly mocked. But Dorsey does have at least a few things in common with the late Apple co-founder. First, they were both forced out of — and returned to — the companies they founded. And he shares the love Jobs had for simplicity. “When people come to Twitter and they want to express something in the world, the technology fades away,” Dorsey said. “It just works.” Jobs uttered “it just works” many a time during Apple’s product unveilings.

(Photo by Dai Sugano/Mercury News archives)


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