Apple is looking for some iPhone love

Apple, which has found itself in the rare position of being overshadowed in the media with the recent frenzy around the rise of Samsung and the unveiling of its new Galaxy S4 smartphone, went looking for love over the weekend.

On Saturday, Apple sent an email to users to remind them of their first love: “iPhone 5: Loving it is easy. That’s why so many people do,” the email read.

The charm offensive comes as Samsung’s smartphones grab more marketshare — and the media spotlight — during an aggressive marketing campaign.

The missive followed what could be deemed as some tough love from Apple. On the eve of the Galaxy S4 launch on Thursday, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller gave rare media interviews, during which he trashed Android’s “fragmented” Android software and Samsung’s devices.

Apple’s email included a link to a new page, which pours on the affection for the device that changed the tech world.

The page begins: “What makes an iPhone unlike anything else? Maybe it’s that it lets you do so many things. Or that it lets you do so many things so easily. Those are two reasons iPhone owners say they love their iPhone. But there are many others as well.”




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