Quoted: on ‘dumb,’ problem-plagued SimCity launch

“OK, we agree, that was dumb.”

Lucy Bradshaw, general manager at “SimCity” developer Maxis, on the launch of the newest, long-awaited release of the popular civilization-building game last week. Many people experienced problems or were unable to play the Electronic Arts game because for the first time, they were required to remain online (even single players) while playing — but the game’s servers couldn’t handle the load. As EA tried to fix the problem, it brought down servers and disabled some game features, making matters worse and sparking a louder outcry at the end of the week. The Redwood City game maker has a policy of no refunds for digital downloads, but one player who bought the game elsewhere (on Amazon) claimed to have received a refund, according to Ars Technica. Over the weekend, Bradshaw said “a lot more people logged on than we expected,” but that the number of servers dedicated to the game had been doubled and that things were getting better. EA also if offering a free PC game to those who registered their “SimCity” games. The fiasco has prompted some to revisit the question of ownership in the digital age: “If EA and Maxis launch SimCity and you can’t log in to play, is it really yours at all?” writes a Forbes contributor.


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  • Patrick Morris

    More false drama about people not being able to play their games, right now. Why is this so surprising for a game launch of this size? Chill out and wait a few days, jeez.