Hey, Apple Store! Where’s your restroom?

While the Apple shareholders meeting this week proved a real sleeper, CEO Tim Cook managed to lighten things up from time to time, promising to look into a shareholder’s complaint that the new Apple Store in Santa Monica apparently has no restroom for fanboys or girls.

“We do have restrooms in many of our stores,” he said, drawing laughter from the room. “But I’ll have to check on the new one on Third Street” promenade.”

Curious, we called the store late Wednesday and learned that – STOP THE PRESSES! – there IS  a bathroom, though the genius on the phone told us it had “limited availability,” whatever that means.

You buy something from us, we give you the key?

But we were still curious. Cook had said “many” Apple Stores have bathrooms, not “most” or “some.” We decided to conduct a thoroughly unscientific survey for ourselves to see just how widespread this lack-of-a-bathroom problem really is.

First up, the Berkeley store on Fourth Street: “No we don’t have a bathroom,” said the clerk who answered the phone. “The nearest is Peet’s Coffee.”

San Francisco on Stockton Street?

“Yes we do. It’s one person at a time, but it is open to anybody.”

We decided to expand our search for answers.

The Apple Store in King of Prussia, PA, has a bathroom for customers.

The Apple Store in Miami Beach does not. (But they have the Stones playing “Under my Thumb” while you’re on hold, which is nice.)

The Apple Store on Toronto’s historic Yonge Street doesn’t have a restroom. But, said a friendly clerk, “funny enough, right around the corner there are public washrooms in the mall.”

The staff at the White City Apple Store in London had already gone home for the day.

And the crew at the Ginza store in Tokyo hadn’t yet opened for business.

But the young female clerk at the Honolulu store in the Ala Moana Center mall took our call and told us that while there’s no bathroom in her Apple Store, “there are two in Macy’s, one of the first floor and another on the third.”

So was Cook right about “many” Apple Stores possessing a bathroom for customers?

You do the math.



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