Someone sees through Google Glass scam on eBay, takes it down

If anyone needed more confirmation that Google Glass has become the must-have geek accessory, here’s another sign: A fake eBay auction reportedly drew bids of up to $15,900 before it was pulled. Google has said it is selling the Internet-connected glasses for $1,500.

Glass will function much like a smartphone, allowing users to send texts and emails via voice commands, get directions, record video and more. Google co-founder Sergey Brin has been spotted sporting the specs, and some developers already have them sitting on their noses, but Glass is not available to the masses yet — that’s supposedly happening next year.

Last week, Google said it was giving more people a chance to wear Glass early. That is, if they win a contest asking for submissions for creative uses for Glass, and fork out the $1,500. The contest was not scheduled to end till today, and the winners were to be notified in March.

As the Atlantic noted, the fake seller on eBay had written: “I’ve been selected as an early adapter [sic] for Google’s upcoming release. You are buying a brand new unopened pair of Google’s Project Glass glasses.” The moral of the story: If you read the contest’s fine print, you would have seen right through the scam and saved your nearly $16,000 for the next big thing.


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