China’s online shopping market is big — and getting breathtakingly bigger

Chinese consumers are on the verge of outspending their U.S. counterparts online this year, according to research compiled by Alizila, a blog of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group

The post says 242 million Chinese online shoppers could spend an estimated $265 billion this year  — $35 billion more than American click-to-buy shoppers. In 2012, China’s online shopping market soared 55 percent to $194 billion.

Other stats: 60 percent of Chinese online shoppers have income of less than $320 a month; 22 percent make more than 40 Internet purchases a year; apparel and accessories make up 68 percent of their online purchases.

Perhaps the most compelling piece of data offered up by Alizila: With just 40 percent of the nation’s 1.3 billion citizens online, the potential for growth in online shopping in China is staggering.



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