Mozilla’s Firefox OS vs. Android, iOS and mobile apps

Can the new Firefox OS make a dent in the dominance of Google‘s Android and Apple‘s iOS? And can the Web get its mobile groove back?

Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacks, speaking in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, reportedly said that “no matter how delicious those companies are,” there’s room for another mobile operating system — especially one that aims to break free of the limitations of smartphone apps, which lock in users to certain platforms. Designed for Web-based apps, the Firefox OS takes “the Web to mobile,” Kovacks said today, according to various reports.

It’s just Mozilla’s latest push for open Web standards. Ars Technica reminds us that Mozilla has experience battling the big, established companies: The Firefox browser succeeded in helping knock Microsoft’s Internet Explorer off its throne.

Mozilla will first roll out Firefox phones in the spring in developing markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Serbia and elsewhere. A U.S. launch is planned for next year, according to CNet.

One big supporter of Mountain View-based Mozilla’s goal is the European mobile industry, which apparently is sore it hasn’t benefited much from the good fortunes of Google and Apple. “We support open ecosystems to break monopolies and give greater choice and flexibility to consumers. Firefox represents a way to bring balance back to the sector,” said Telefónica CEO and Chairman César Alierta, according to the Guardian.

Manufacturers on board include LG, Huawei, ZTE. Alcatel and others, says CNet, which also reports that Sony hopes to release a Firefox phone next year.


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  • RedRat

    What is needed is a far more secure mobile OS. Forget the apps, most people only use a few, they might start out with many of them on whim, but settle down to only a handful anyways. So having an OS that offers hundreds of thousands really becomes somewhat meaningless.