AmEx joins Twitter to launch tweet-to-buy

Have an American Express card? Have a Twitter account? Now you can buy all sorts of goodies from Amazon, Sony and other retailers just by tweeting a few #hashtags. No need to get your credit card out of your wallet.

American Express has teamed up with the San Francisco social media giant to offer a tweet-to-buy program for cardholders. AmEx members can shop with a tweet by synching their credit cards with their Twitter account and following a few #hashtag instructions.

Cardholders who have signed up can get specialty priced products from Amazon, Sony, Urban Zen and Xbox 360, and discounted American Express giftcards. Of course, retailers are looking to get some social media traffic out of this, too, so you’re required to tweet specific #hashtags with the product’s name — twice within 15 minutes, in fact.

Customers can get an Xbox controller for about $30 – about $15 less than they sell for on Amazon – by tweeting #BuyXboxController, waiting for a tweet back from AmEx and then confirming the purchase. Or, they can tweet #BuyKindleFireHD and get the Amazon tablet for about $150 – about a $50 discount. The discounts are available through March 3.

Consumer advocates responded immediately with concerns about customer privacy. American Express says consumer information is kept on a different server than Twitter and will be protected.

How it works:

  • Sync your AmEx card with Twitter
  • Follow @AmexSyncTweet
  • Tweet special product #hashtags for the product you want to purchase
  • Shoppers should then check their Twitter mentions in the @Connect tab for a confirmation #hashtag from @AmexSyncTweet
  • Tweet the confirmation #hashtag within 15 minutes of the response from @AmexSync to confirm the purchase
  • All products will be shipped to the cardholder’s billing address via free 2-day shipping



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