Podcast: Does Pope Benedict really know what time it is? Ask Apple!

In their latest  chat, Pat and Mike explore the news of the week. And with the pope’s startling resignation, they attempt to answer this  burning question:

Est Apple realiter opus in a novus carpi-vigilia fabrica et novi praesulis unum sint primi ad collocabunt eam?

Which, of course, is Latin for:

Is Apple really working on a new wrist-watch device and will the new pope be one of the first to order it?

To catch what may be Pope Benedict’s XVI’s final tweets before he heads for the exit, follow @Pontifex here.

We also ask Mike about his visit with some of the Valley’s biggest female rock stars, including Google’s Susan Wojcicki and Kim Polese from ClearSteet.

And to listen to Pat & Mike, click here.



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