Apple CEO Tim Cook’s visit with Michelle Obama is the perfect time to dish on his made in the USA Mac plan

So, the first man of gee-whiz technology will be sitting with the first lady of the United States for the big State of the Union address.

Love the state of the union. Anyway, seems to me it would be the perfect opportunity for Apple CEO Tim Cook to announce just where in the United States the Cupertino company will start making Macs.

Well, I mean, before or after the speech would be the perfect opportunity. The last guy who actually interrupted the speech got some bad press.

You can be sure that whenever, if ever, Cook does say where he plans to make good on his promise for made-in-the-USA Macs, that it won’t be as spontaneous as Joe Wilson’s outburst heard ’round the world.

Apple doesn’t do anything unplanned, as was evidenced when Cook first talked publicly about bringing some Mac production back to the U.S. He carefully orchestrated an appearance with Brian Williams and a long interview with Business Week.

In fact, couple Apple’s choreography obsession with the choreography obsession of the White House and there is zero chance anything is going to slip out. So Tim, why not just blow it out big on the international stage?

Me? I’ve been saying Silicon Valley would be a logical place for Apple to make its Macs. It’s a manufacturing hot-bed, packed with the kind of tech-savvy brainiacs who can come up with innovative ways to manufacture products.

Chances are Apple has come up with some innovative process that means making Macs here won’t cost much — or any — more than it would cost to make them in China. The company will want that experiment to go on close to home, so top engineers and top executives can keep an eye on things.

Or heck, Tim, why not just let the president make the announcement for you?

I’ll be watching. Not holding my breath, but watching.


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